Several students suspended after all-out brawl breaks out at DeSoto High School

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Multiple students have been suspended from DeSoto High School after a big brawl.

The fight broke out Monday in the hallways of the school south of Dallas. Police say the fight was supposed to happen Saturday, but the students postponed it until Monday.

In an email, DeSoto police say they responded to “a fight involving several teenagers, three of which are basketball players. This incident stems from a disagreement over a girl.”

The tumult took place after second period. One student was allegedly attacked by a group of boys who went looking for him. Friends came to his defense. Many senior students were involved.

DeSoto ISD Superintendent D’Andre Weaver’s chief of staff said he could not meet with FOX 4 on Tuesday. He said the superintendent was focusing on students and parents.

“Altercations like what happened on Monday are often a precursor to more serious events,” the superintendent said in a statement. “Naturally, the students involved will face disciplinary consequences. However, our processes go beyond merely issuing consequences, to ensuring that authentic measures are in place and steps are taken to ultimately resolve the conflict among the students involved.”

Monday’s major disturbance was a low point for the high-flying DeSoto Eagles. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

Folks from the district’s support services staff were on hand on Tuesday. The superintendent plans to meet with students who were involved in the rumpus and their parents. The final fate and fallout from the fight is yet unclear.