Security camera footage sought from nearby townhomes in Amber Guyger investigation

More search warrants became public on Friday in the killing of Botham Jean by off-duty Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger – but none of them involve the complex where the deadly shooting occurred.

The three search warrants involve data from security cameras at a nearby complex of townhomes. The townhomes are at Arch Place, a complex just east of the SouthSide Flats and north of DPD HQ. Two of the warrants involve doorbell video and data from Ring, which provides residential security systems. The third is for ADT Security Services camera footage from another townhome.

Jean was in his own apartment on Sept. 9 when Guyger claims she mistakenly entered the unit, believed Jean was an intruder and opened fire.

The search warrants by a Dallas County District Attorney investigator could be to try and test the veracity of something said by Guyger when she spoke with Texas Rangers or her initial comments to Dallas police who responded when she called 911 about her comings and goings that day, especially in the moments before the shooting at the wrong apartment.

Investigators continue to collect everything they can to substantiate or repudiate Guyger's statements about that day and night. Few search warrants, however, have been made public.

Numerous questions still remain about what happened the night of the shooting. There are differing accounts from Guyger and neighbors about the sequence of events and how she got into Jean’s apartment.

Guyger is still on administrative leave from the Dallas Police Department. She recently moved out of the SouthSide Flats.