School makes change after bizarre bus delay

School bus monitors will now be along for the ride on all the bus routes of a Dallas charter school.

It’s a change made after a story FOX 4 recently aired.

Last Thursday, a school bus full of students from KIPP Destiny Elementary was nearly four hours late dropping off students.

Durham School Services blamed a lost driver and mechanical problems, but surveillance video captured images of the driver and the kids at a Pleasant Grove 7-Eleven, miles off course.

The school has been meeting with parents.          

Parent Moniqua Hoskin says she's glad to see monitors on buses, but still wants to know why the driver was off course for nearly four hours.

“I still feel like there's some unanswered questions out there,” said Hoskin. “The three-hour lapse, they said the bus broke down when he tried to re-route.  It was 6:09 on the news when he was at the 7-Eleven, so 3:45 to 6:09, what was he doing?”

KIPP says it will continue to work with Durham School Services, but it did ask parents to write down some feedback at this week's meetings about the bus company.