School board ready to take action on racist video

The school board in the Carroll Independent School District is ready to take on the touchy issue of racism, hoping to change hearts and minds.

Carroll ISD trustees want the community to know they are listening. They know racism is a problem and signify they want to address it, as well as work with everyone to find some solution.

The school board held a rare special meeting Friday morning. Parents went before the board to voice their concerns and demand action following the recent racial slur video posted online by Southlake students.

FOX 4 has chosen not to show that video because it is offensive and involves students. In it, boys and girls could be heard singing the “N” word. It has since been removed from social media.

Trustees met in executive session and came up with a so-called Cultural Competence Action Plan, which includes holding those students accountable for their actions, strengthening expectations of students and writing disciplinary policies to address any harassing, offensive, hateful or discriminatory speech when related to race.

They also plan to bring in speakers that can cover topics such as diversity awareness and provide diversity training to staff.

“If I take anything positive from all of this it is how many people want to engaged with us and want to be a part of the solution. Because it’s very easy to get caught up in the anger and the sentiment around it. But everyone is looking at what we can do moving forward instead of looking back,” said Michelle Moore, the Carroll ISD board vice president.

The plan includes emphasizing cultural awareness and cultural confidence in the curriculum. On top of that, the board wants to form a diversity council to address the increasingly diverse population.

Some items in the plan are already in motion. Others still need to be put into place. First, they must be approved by the board as well as the public.