Save Me Steve: Basic Training Podcast

It's stuff we're all supposed to know when it comes to managing money, but nobody ever taught us. Now consumer reporter Steve Noviello is taking on the task in a new podcast series - appropriately called "Basic Training."  And, he needs your help.

From buying a car to balancing your budget, I know you need help. You write me and tell me and that's why I want our viewers to be a part of this series.

I want to make sure we are giving you the kind of information you want.

So I'm creating a series of podcasts called "Basic Training." It’s a boot camp for your cash.

And here's the special weapon to make this information the most valuable. An industry expert for each of the topics we will cover will be my guest for each show under one condition -- no question is off limits.

If you want to know what the car salesman is really doing that seems to take so long when he or she leaves the negotiating table, they'll tell you.

You want an honest answer when it comes to buying real estate and shopping for an agent? No problem.

Or how about your own family finances? You know what one of my favorite things to do is? I like to attend seminars by financial experts. Can you guess why?

This is a new format for me.  I chose podcasts because they're portable. You can tune in when you need the info. You pick the topics you want to learn more about and you help direct the conversation by asking questions and making suggestions for the next topic we tackle.

Starting today, log on to my Facebook fan page or reach out on Twitter. Or pick up the phone and leave me a message at 214-720-3357 and ask your questions.

Here are the first four topics: car buying, technology for your home, home buying  and family finance - stretching your family dollar.

The time has come. Too many of you call and say, “I think I’m supposed to know, but nobody ever taught me.”

We're about to change that.