Save Me Steve: Back to School Organization

Sandy Tabacinic from Homecorp shows consumer reporter Steve Noviello how to make a makeshift mudroom, set up a study space, remodel the pantry, create a command center and install keyless entry.

1) Create a makeshift mudroom:

Even if you don't have an official mudroom, creating a space for kids to drop their shoes, boots, coats, backpacks, gloves, scarves, and sports equipment is paramount to keeping clutter under control and making early mornings more manageable. If everything your child needs to make a hasty exit is in the same place, it makes it so much easier to catch that bus! Some simple shelving & designated hanging rods by the entry can accomplish this.

2)  Step up a study space:

Having a distraction free space for your child to study and do homework can set a positive precedent. A study space can created with a bench & pillows, or in the corner of the kitchen.

3) Remodel your pantry:

Make it easy to grab snacks on the go with see-through containers. Using baskets to store bulky items can help keep your pantry in order. Also creating a command center with the items you use daily along with a chalkboard for your grocery list can make shopping easier and keep your pantry stocked.

4) Install keyless entry:

Eliminate the stress of rushing back home before the kids get home from school by installing a keyless entry lock. They're easy to install, program and use. That means no more worrying about losing keys, or hiding them under the mat!