Sandbags provided for Everman flood victims to protect damaged homes

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Tarrant County is trying to help people in Everman protect their homes that were flooded last month.

More than 60 homes suffered some sort of damage when flooded waters washed in overnight three weeks ago. Luckily, everyone made it out of their homes safely. But now with even more rain coming, they're concerned.

The constant rain means proactive steps for people who live in Everman. The area has been hit hard by floodwaters and it’s where homeowners are dealing with substantial flood damage.

The city of Everman and Tarrant County have combined efforts to provide sandbags to Everman residents. Those who want them can get up to 10 sandbags per household. You have to show your ID with an address as proof of residence. They are being handed out at the Tarrant County Precinct One facility at 800 Rendon Crowley Road.

This comes just two weeks after 60 homes were damaged by high water and the city declared a local state of disaster.

Many Everman residents are in various stages of cleanup and repairs only to be faced with the current situation of more nonstop.