Sailor surprises kids at school, will be home for Christmas

Students at a Northwest ISD elementary school got an unexpected visitor Thursday when a girl’s dad deployed overseas made a surprise appearance.

Jose Trevino has been a sailor for 11 years and has been deployed at sea for the last 6 months on the USS Iwo Jima.

His daughter, third grader Brissa, opened the student talent show Thursday at Northwest ISD's Schulter Elementary School. Little did she know Santa was on his way with a very special delivery.

Brissa's 5-year-old brother Jacob and 3-year-old sister Nea joined her at the front of the room and they were asked what they wanted. They said they wanted their dad home for Christmas, and just like that -- a wish was answered.

“It's been very difficult. Very difficult because I'm so used to having them around every time, coming home when I was stationed here in Fort Worth, coming home was great, hearing the little footsteps coming around at night and watching TV with them, eating with them, going out you know stuff like that, I missed that because being away I don't have that,” Jose Trevino said.

Trevino wasn't supposed to make it home for Christmas, and marvels at how things worked out. He recalls getting a recent call from his wife.

“She goes Jacob was praying and he told God that he wanted God to tell Santa that if it was possible to tell Santa he wants Legos and his dad in a big box,” Jose Trevino said.

Jacob said it was a miracle that his dad will be home for the holidays.

“We wanted our dad and he actually came through,” Jacob Trevino said.