Roommate: Woman in McKinney fight video isn't racist

The Craig Ranch neighborhood pool reopened Tuesday, four days after police were called to break up a fight and pool party.

There is video of the fight that may have started it all. Two white women reportedly yelled distasteful remarks at African American girls.

FOX 4 visited the home of one of the women in the fight. Her roommate denied accusations that she is racist.

"I've known her for like I've said, 15 years so that's just way out of character. She's not racist whatsoever. She's let me stay, you know and, of course, I'm black. You know, it's just ridiculous. It's unbelievable," A.C. Clark said.

Clark said the woman is not staying in her home right now because of all the negative attention.

The incident gained national attention because of a video that shows a responding officer throw another 15-year-old girl in a bikini to the ground and pull out his service weapon.

Cpl. Eric Casebolt resigned Tuesday and McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley called his actions "indefensible."

"He came into the call out of control and as the video shows was out of control during the incident." Conley said. "I had 12 officers on the scene and 11 of them performed according to their training."

Police are still investigating the fight and working with the Craig Ranch homeowner's association.