Rhome PD Chief: "War is declared on police"

Rhome police chief Brandon Davis didn't mince words in a recent Facebook post when he wrote that war had been declared on police.

The chief of the small town in Wise County said if an officer asks someone to step out of the car, even for a simple traffic violation, they need to comply.

“Please allow him [the officer] the opportunity to ensure that you are not going to try and kill him,” Davis wrote.

The chief understands it’s a harsh statement, but he thinks people will understand.

"It could be perceived as adversarial to those who are really not doing right anyway. To individuals who go out and do the right thing on a daily basis -- they're gonna agree with that. They're going to identify with that," Davis said. "I don't want any situation being misunderstood as a situation where an officer has to use force when it's unnecessary."

Ron Moore, a city council member, said heightened awareness by police is critical for the public's safety.

Rhome mayor Michelle Pittman said she supports the Facebook post.

“The public may perceive it a different way or more harshly than it was intended, but these men and women are putting their life on the line and probably not too harsh of a statement,” Pittman said.

Davis said his message doesn't mean every single person will be asked to step out of their car -- that's at the discretion of the officer. The chief said he wants to mitigate any possible risks to his officers.