Residents near the Brazos River in Parker County ordered to evacuate

Hundreds of people in Parker County were ordered to evacuate before the Brazos River floods.

Officials said the evacuation affects about 350 homes, particularly those in the Horseshoe Bend, Lazy Bend and Soda Springs communities.

Residents are being asked to get out, but some homeowners on Wednesday said they're sticking it out for the night.

"I'll sit here with my Glock, and my flashlight and my pillows and sleep out there," said resident Ken Bryant, who is not evacuating.

"And your boat?" FOX 4 asked.

"The boat's right there, so as soon as it gets up I can get in that boat," said Bryant.

The Brazos River Authority opened several flood gates at Possum Kingdom Lake, and the river continues to rise because of the recent storms and run off.

The river was expected to hit flood stage late early Thursday morning. The river could crest at 25 feet - four feet above flood stage.

George Teague with the Parker County Emergency Management said many people had already begun to evacuate.

"I ain't going down there and going to sleep," said Horseshoe Bend resident Mickey Chapman. "I don't want to wash away, ‘cause it comes quiet. It don't make no noise when it comes, know what I'm saying? I've been in two of ‘em before, so I know of what happens."

The American Red Cross set up a shelter in Weatherford for those who needed it.

Anyone needing information about the evacuations, shelter or livestock was also encouraged to call 817-594-3213.