Relieve Stress at Your Desk

Ear Lobes: helps relieve mouth, jaw and head area tension

Grab lobes with thumb and index finger. Hold and pull down. Massage down and up without lifting the fingers.

Big Toe: helps relieve neck, shoulder and head tension

Foot on opposite knee. Place index knuckle on the bottom of toe and apply pressure to top of toe. Massage 'webbing' between big toe and second toe.

Bottom of tips of toes: relieves sinus pressure

Jostling of feet: drains lymphatic system (toxin release) -helps loosen tension

Place palms of hands on both sides. Jostle/shake while moving up and down the entire arch and to heel and toe. Great for runners or ppl on feet constantly

Clavicle dig: relieves lymphatic system, releases up neck and chest stress

Place fingers on top of each clavicle bone. Slide inward and dig under gently.

Under arm pressure: Relieves stress in shoulders.

Extend arm in front. Apply pressure with thumb to area just above the armpit. Thumb will feel the ropey/crunchy part. If tingling gets bad then take a break. Hold, move back and forth.