Recreational marijuana use could be legalized by Texas cities, counties if new bill passes

Recreational marijuana could be legalized by some cities and counties across the state if a newly filed bill passes the Texas legislature.

State Representative Jessica Gonzalez (D-Dallas) filed House Bill 1937, which would allow for counties and municipalities to make their own decisions on the use of the recreational use of cannabis for Texans 21 and older.

An adult would be allowed to possess no more than 2.5 ounces of marijuana under the bill.

The bill would impose a 10% tax on all cannabis products.

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That tax money would go to cannabis regulation, cannabis testing and quality control, government oversight and to school funds.

"Twenty-one states in America have legalized cannabis, and twenty-seven states have decriminalized the use of cannabis. In a recent study, a majority of Texans supported some form of legalization of cannabis use. While Texas has made progress with the Compassionate Use Act, we have been left behind on a potential revenue source that would increase investments in public education, stop unnecessary arrests for cannabis possession, and create jobs in our state," Gonzalez said in a statement.

Gonzalez filed a similar bill in 2021, but it did not go up for a vote.

This year's bill could face a similar fate.

Some cities and counties have taken steps to decriminalize marijuana.

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Medical marijuana has been legalized in the state for certain conditions.

More than 5 million Texans are believed to qualify.