Reports of marijuana edibles sold at Sachse High School anger parents

Some Garland ISD parents want answers from the district after two students were arrested on the Sachse High School campus.

Garland ISD won't confirm anything happened at the school, and police will only tell FOX 4 there were two arrests.

One mother told FOX 4 that students were selling marijuana edibles on campus. She says she knows that because her daughter got punished for buying one.

Police are only saying a couple of juveniles were arrested for possessing marijuana edibles, but FOX 4 isn’t getting a whole lot of answers from the school district.

Garland ISD is not answering FOX 4’s questions about reports of students selling marijuana brownies — with two getting arrested for possession — at Sachse High School on Tuesday.

Tamica Battie says her 16-year-old daughter bought a brownie from another student.

"My biggest frustration with the school right now is the lack of protection for the children to allow this to happen," she said.

Battie says her daughter told her she didn’t know it contained marijuana.

"She was very upset. She wanted to go after the young man for giving her that," she said.

Sachse Police Department says two juveniles were found to be in possession of edibles. They will be charged for possession of a controlled substance. 

Battie says her daughter is not facing charges. She says the number of students involved is significantly higher than the two charged. Her daughter told her the office was full.

Garland ISD wouldn’t say how many students may have been involved.

After two unanswered emails and a phone call, a Garland ISD spokesperson finally got back to us Wednesday afternoon. The district chose not to answer any of our specific questions about the incident or even acknowledge it. Instead, they referred us to Sachse police. 

FOX 4 spoke off-camera with another Sachse High parent who says she never received a notice from the school about what happened. 

"I feel that they should’ve put a notice out to the parents," she said.

Battie says her daughter is okay, but she says there are questions she’s not getting answers to and believes all parents need to be aware.

"I think that the school could’ve handled it a lot different," she said.

Aside from acknowledging that two juveniles were arrested for possession, Sachse police would not elaborate.

The department didn’t respond to our request for an on-camera interview.