'Reckless driver' turns out to be dog behind wheel of Texas parking lot crash

The investigation revealed that the dog was behind the wheel in Walmart parking lot crash. (Credit: Kilgore Police Department)

Police in Texas "apprehended a reckless driver" Thursday that turned out to be a dog who crashed into two cars in a Walmart parking lot.

According to Kilgore Police Department, one of the victims noticed the suspect "barrelling down on him" but couldn't get out of the way.

"He was shocked to see the driver was a dog!," KPD shared on social media. "Yep, the pooch was actually behind the wheel when the crash occurred." 

The investigation revealed the furry friend was sitting in an unoccupied vehicle waiting on his family while they shopped. 

"He apparently got a little antsy and bounced around the cab setting this truck in motion," the police continued. "The steering column had some prior damage and this pooch must have placed the vehicle in drive." 

Officials added that the dog was also wearing a leash, and it’s believed that he got it caught on the emergency brake and released it. 


Dog inside car following crash (Credit: Kilgore Police Department/Jason Romine)

"It doesn't sound feasible but an eyewitness saw the pooch behind the wheel just before the crash. He certainly has a guilty look on his face," officials added. 

No one was injured in this crash. 

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This story was reported from Los Angeles.