Protestors want charges against officer who arrested Sandra Bland

Protestors are calling for criminal charges against the state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland.

Bland died in jail after her arrest because of a traffic stop near Houston.  

She was charged with assaulting a police officer and then booked into the Waller County jail. Three days later she was found hanging in her cell.

Her cause of death has been ruled a suicide.

Still, some argue she should have never been arrested. A group marched outside the apartment where Trooper Brian Encinia lives.

“The officer was way out of line. And whenever you have a situation where black women are being brutalized by cops, black men and people must stand up and say ‘Hands off of our women.’ Had this police officer’s behavior not been what it was, and many of us believe this behavior was illegal, this sister would perhaps still be alive,” said Minister Quanell X who was leading the protest.

The case is still being investigated.