Power restored for most North Texans following winter storm, but some still without power

There are still hundreds of people, mainly in Hunt County, who are dealing with power outages from the winter storm.

This week, dozens of people in Farmersville stayed overnight at the First Baptist Church. 

The doors are still open Saturday night as people nearby still don't have power. 

For one Collin County couple, the power came on right before they spoke with FOX 4. They are hoping, it stays on.

The Bramletts shut off the water every night, afraid of frozen pipes. 

Their Farmersville home was without power since Wednesday evening, right as the winter storm rolled in.

Almost 72 hours later, their power was finally restored Saturday afternoon.

"It feels great to have electricity again," David Bramlett said. "We are very tickled. Very thankful."

At one point this week, their house dipped down into the 40s.

"[Saturday] was our third day and I was very panicked," David said. 

A pipe burst in their home during last February’s winter storm after four days in the dark. 

Their home is starting to heat up again. 

"They have a hard job and it’s so cold, and I appreciate everything they do," Anne Bramlett said. "I just wish they have a better system in place on whether a house does or does not have electricity."

The number of outages, according to Oncor, is decreasing heading into the Sunday. 

Oncor said Hunt County was the hardest hit due to road conditions and ice accumulation causing extensive tree damage. 

SKY 4 flew over that are Friday afternoon, where crews were at work. 

"We have a generator, so it was bearable, but then [Saturday[, I was just done," Brandi Smith said.

Smith, a mother of four from Merit in Hunt County, is still without electricity. 

Her family checked into a hotel Saturday, where she was finally able to shower. She’s hoping they only stays overnight.

"It’s just been stressful, just trying to stay warm and get food cooked," she said.

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Back in Collin County, First Baptist Church in Farmersville has been serving hot meals since Wednesday. 

At one point, about 40 people were staying the night as they waited for their power to come on.

By Saturday, slowly but surely, families started to pack up and go home.

The Bramletts are still questioning what will happen during the next storm.

"They can get on tv and say all day long that they are really prepared for the possibility of this, but it didn’t work out in real life," David Bramlett added.