Police using technology to find who shot and killed a woman in her Preston Hollow driveway

Dallas police are in the middle of a murder investigation, and are hoping technology is on their side.

Officers are searching for clues to find who shot a woman to death outside of her North Dallas home on Memorial Day.

Detectives are going to look at everything they can as they try to find the person or persons responsible for the murder of Leslie Baker.

And that could include going back to an incident in 2015, when a vehicle parked in the 6100 block of Royalton Drive, where Baker lived, drove towards a group of people, that included Baker, and fired a gun at them.

“Really, the first thing is to look at that victimology find out who she's been talking to and what was going on in her life and her husband’s life and her family's life, and start there and then move forward,” said retired Dallas PD Deputy Chief Craig Miller.

It’s been two days since Baker was murdered in her car parked in her driveway.

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Pictures show a car, gray or silver sedan, moving fast through the neighborhood around the time Baker was killed at 5 p.m. Memorial Day evening.

“That surveillance video, and the cell phone, and the technology that we didn’t have many years ago, today helps the police in an investigation like this,” added Miller, who is not involved in this case.

When Miller retired as Dallas police deputy chief, he'd logged years working in and supervising homicide investigations.

Technology will help track Baker's movements in the moments before the murder.

“We're going to know from her cell phone where she had come from, what direction she arrived to her house,” Miller said.

That will allow detectives to go back and look for surveillance cameras along that route, looking for the same vehicle seen leaving the scene.

“They'll know the direction that vehicle was traveling, and they'll be able to back track and get behind and ahead of that vehicle to intersections where, or locations where there are cameras,” Miller explained.

The could give investigators more information about the car.

Detectives will also work what’s called a crime analysis to see if there have been other crimes that this looks like, which is an attempted robbery or carjacking in the same area.

“They start immediately in that area, but then expand to a mile or two miles looking for crimes that might be of a similar nature with possible witness information in that,” Miller said.

And Miller said investigations like this typically include talking to the victim’s family, as hard as that may be at a time like this

“There are a lot of things to look at in an investigation like this,” Miller added.