Police testify in Oak Lawn murder trial that suspect confessed

In dramatic testimony in court on Wednesday, a North Texas man charged with capital murder admitted that he shot an Oak Lawn resident who then crashed his car into a tree last year.

Prosecutors played the videotaped interrogation of Deric Madison, who is charged with the death of Joshua Lee Tubbleville.

Madison wept, insisting he had nothing to do with Tubbleville's death, but later admitted to police that he shot him.

Madison fidgeted in his chair next to his attorneys as the three videotape interrogations were played.

He wept at some moments and became belligerent at others, all the while insisting that he had nothing to do with the murder of Tubbleville, a 33-year-old insurance salesman who was found shot to death behind the wheel of his Mercedes.

Tubbleville's car hit a tree at the intersection of Oak Lawn and Lemmon Avenue.

When police explained they had his fingerprints and DNA on a hat left behind at the scene, police testified that Madison admitted to the shooting.

Police testified that Madison told him the two shared a drink and played dominoes inside Tubbleville's apartment, and that after Madison left, Tubbleville saw the defendant standing around outside.

Madison says Tubbleville offered the defendant a ride, demanding a sexual favor in return.

That’s when Madison said he grabbed the gun and shot Tubbleville in self-defense.         

Detectives also say they talked to neighbors, who say they tried to tell Tubbleville he was too trusting and he shouldn't invite strangers into his home.

Prosecutors say they expect to wrap on Thursday.