Police: Suspect may have been stuck in mud after murdering girlfriend

Richardson police are looking for witnesses who may have helped a murder suspect get out of the mud while disposing of his girlfriend’s body.

Jason Lowe is currently being held in the Richardson jail for allegedly murdering 27-year-old Jessie Bardwell. Police haven’t found her body but said evidence of foul play is strong enough to warrant a murder charge.

Police believe Lowe had Jessie’s body in his black 2010 Audi Q5 and dumped her in a muddy area.

“There exists the possibility that his Audi became stuck in the mud and that assistance may have been necessary for him to free it.  While receiving that assistance, the previously damaged front bumper may have broken free from the vehicle,” The Richardson Police Department said in a release.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, when officers first questioned Lowe about Jessie’s disappearance they noted the car was covered in mud and missing its entire front panel. He was also covered in mud from head to toe.

But they didn’t look inside of the vehicle until a few days later when they determined he had given them false information about Jessie’s whereabouts.

Detectives then found evidence of blood throughout the vehicle, including in the rear hatch and on the steering wheel, gear shift and driver’s side door handle. The also noticed the distinct smell of decaying flesh in the car and found a bullet hole, shovel, muddy boots and other evidence of a possible body disposal in Lowe’s garage, the affidavit states.

“We’re asking just civilians from the area that know that place, just go search for her please and just look for her,” pleaded Kayla Bardwell, Jessie’s sister-in-law. “Just find her and bring her back home to us because we would do the same. We would do the same for y’all.”

Kayla says Jessie moved to Texas after Christmas to be with Lowe because she loved him but then quickly became isolated.

"She just didn't stay in touch,” said Kayla. “That's just not her."

Now, she's certain Lowe killed Jessie and dumped her body.

"Just tell us where she's at and that's all we care about. That's all,” said Kayla. “Bring her home to her family so we can give her a proper home."

Lowe's high school friend from Mississippi, Matt Malouf said he attended a wedding in Mississippi with Lowe and Jessie on April 2. He said he and Lowe reconnected after not talking for several years.

“He actually apologized and said, ‘Don't worry about it I was on cocaine back then,’” Malouf said. Police documents said Lowe admitted to using cocaine when officers saw it in plain sight in his apartment on May 12.

Malouf said Lowe is an only child and always struggled with anger issues.

“Almost a possessive kind of controlling person. Everything was on his schedule. Everything he wanted his way,” Malouf said. “As crazy as it sounds it kind of makes sense now. Part of me refuses to believe it, can't believe it.”

Police are still looking for Jessie’s body. Anyone who may have spotted Lowe stuck in the mud between April 29 and May 8 is encouraged to call the Richardson Police Department at 972-744-4801.