Police seek suspect in Ft. Worth food truck holdup

Fort Worth police have released some pictures in hopes of capturing the man who held up a food truck.

A man with a gun tried to rob a woman and mother who own the food truck in the 6800 block of Camp Bowie Boulevard.

Daisy Austin didn't recognize the man who walked up to the window on the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 19. He wasn't there for the tacos.

“He just went like this and he was just staring at me,” said Austin. “He said, ‘Moola, moola.’”

Four people were in the food truck at the time. Austin's mother saw the suspect first and told Austin to get down.

Austin says she's heard her mother's warning, but it wasn't until she turned around that she saw the trouble.

"The first thing I saw was his face and the gun,” said Austin.

The taco truck is next to a gas station and convenience store.

Police say the suspect walked around the gas station before coming up to the food truck with a gun. He wore a cap with “Compton” written on the front.

Austin says once they saw the gun, everyone ducked in the food truck ducked under the counter.

“Whenever we got down, he's like, ‘Give me the money, give me the money,’” said Austin.

Austin says it was hot that day, and they were letting in some fresh air, but the suspect walked right by the door.

“We had the door open and one of the girls was right next to the door, and she closed it,” said Austin. “When she closed it is whenever he ran."

The man left without any money.

Austin says they've before at the front window.

She says from now on, the side door stays closed and locked.