Police seek man who approached Dallas girl

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Dallas ISD police are looking for a man who approached a girl and made comments to her that got the attention of nearby adults.

Police say the incident happened in south Dallas at the Charles Rice Learning Center.

A man believed to be in his late 30s was bold enough to sit down by an eighth grade girl.

He reportedly told her she was beautiful, asked if she had a boyfriend and leaned his shoulder against her.    

Fortunately, a nearby parent saw the suspicious behavior and stepped in.

That's when the man ran off.

Video of the man was taken a couple of hours earlier at a store across the street.

The store owner found the video of the man getting out of the same distinctive car that the school's assistant principal snapped a photo of before the man took off.

Police are now hoping that someone recognizes the car or man so they can find out the man's name and see if his description matches any open cases.

If police find him, they just want to talk with him.

No crime was committed when he talked to the girl, so he's not being charged with anything.