Police: Pelican Bay man kills 74-year-old landlord

A man with a lengthy criminal history is accused of killing his landlord and setting her Pelican Bay home on fire.

Police responded to a house fire Monday morning in the 1500 block of Lark Court. When officers arrived, 27-year-old Jonathan Scifres met officers in the street seemingly high on an illegal drug, according to police.

When neighbors asked if 74-year-old Catherine Davis, who was living in the home, was ok, the police chief ran inside once he realized she was still in there.

"He ran back outside and they said he was yelling and asking for wet towels or asking for anything to go back in there,” said neighbor Annette Currie. “But i guess it was so bad, he couldn't even go back in there to put her out or anything."

Police arrested Scifres for allegedly murdering Davis then setting her body on fire. He was renting a room in the Davis’ home for the past month.

Pelican Bay Mayor Bill Morley may have been the last person to speak to her. Davis called him for help a few minutes before she was killed.

"She was telling me she was having a few problems with him and I told her call 911,” said Morley.

Police have not released a motive at this time.

Scifres is charged with murder and is being held on a $100,000 bond.