Police increase security in Deep Ellum after recent crimes

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Dallas police are still searching for two men who sexually assaulted a woman in Deep Ellum ten days ago.

There were also other violent crimes that happened in the area that same weekend and in the days and weeks prior.

Surveillance video shows two men walking back and forth across a Deep Ellum parking lot.

“They happened to be in the area during the time of the offense,” said Deputy Chief Thomas Castro. “So we would like to identify them and talk to them.”

The woman who survived the attack told police both men were young. She said one was tall and the other short.

The assault happened at 3 a.m. on Elm Street near North Trunk Avenue on September 18. That same weekend, Dallas police say there were two other people held up in Deep Ellum.

Since the attacks, the department says it has increased patrols in the area.

“The Elm corridor is an area we pay close attention to especially since it's close to the ingress and egress to get inside of Deep Ellum and outside,” said Deputy Chief Lonzo Anderson.

Kasie Vesley says she's been extra vigilant since learning about the attack on a woman who was just walking down the street.

“All in all, I've always felt safe living here,” she said. “This is just an unfortunate event, so hopefully they figure out what's going on and catch whoever did this.”

Police cannot confirm if two robberies in the area that same weekend involved the same people.