Police identify skeletal remains found in Mansfield

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Police now know the name of the murdered woman whose skeletal remains were found in Mansfield several years ago.

Investigators determined the woman died of homicidal violence but were unable to identify her. Her skull was sent to Waco so that forensic experts could reconstruct her facial features. Mansfield police released photos of a clay bust and computer-generated image of what she might have looked like in hopes of solving the case.

A friend recognized the photos and identified her as Tammie Washington, who lived in Arlington and was last heard from in 2005.

"I knew it was her, but I didn't want it to be her," said friend Angelia Brown-Shelton.

Investigators collected DNA from Washington’s relatives and positively identified her.

The bones were found on private property near Mitchell Road in 2015. Police said the property owner stumbled upon them while walking with family members.

Police are now working to determine who killed her. Investigators said 2005 is the last time they know anyone saw Washington alive, but it’s unclear why she was not reported missing.

Police said she was 34 at the time she went missing. She has a mother and a son, a second son who died last year and five grandchildren she never knew.

"Something bad happened to her," Brown-Shelton said. "Without a doubt I knew in my heart she wouldn't just leave her kids."

Police can't reveal exactly how Washington died.

“Should only be the killer or killers who would know how she was killed,” said Capt. David Griffin, Mansfield Police.

Anyone with information about her is asked to call the Mansfield PD tip line at 817-276-4750.