Police help check off 96-year-old North Texas hospice patient’s bucket list wish of being arrested

A 96-year-old hospice patient had getting arrested on her bucket list, and Commerce PD helped her finally fulfill that wish.

Jessica Luckett posted about the woman getting to check off "to get arrested one day" from her bucket list, as she hadn’t gotten the opportunity before because "she is as sweet and good of a person as they come."

Luckett contacted Commerce police to see if they could help.

Commerce police sent out Lieutenant Marcus Cantera and Officer Garrett Bolton, and they went through the whole process for the 96-year-old to be arrested "on an old warrant for public intoxication in 1949."

The 96-year-old enjoyed the experience, and was saying, "This is great," while she was being arrested, transported to jail, and then booked in.