Police: Frisco crossing guard was drunk on job

Police say a school crossing guard who was seen falling down in the street was apparently falling down drunk on the job.

"Officers were called to assist RFD on scene because calls came in that an elderly gentleman had fallen in the median,” said Officer Benito Valdez with the Frisco Police Department.

When police arrived, they found 59-year-old crossing guard Thomas Rausch. Police say he was not sober.

"During several of the testing that they do to find intoxication, the subject was intoxicated,” said Rausch.

The police report says Rausch admitted to drinking, that he fell down in the median and had unsteady balance.

"That's sad, to be honest with you,” said parent Alphonso Crow. “No matter what job you do, to just show up to work intoxicated, that don't even make any sense, but at a school? That's on another level. You're telling me to get back and be careful. You're helping me get through, and you need to get help yourself.”

Frisco ISD said Rausch has worked as a substitute grossing guard since 2009. He is on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Police say he crossed the line as a crossing guard.

"Speaking for myself and everyone else in the city and the school parents of children, you know, there's responsibility placed on those individuals to help these kids across the street and…I can say it was definitely a bad choice on his part,” said Valdez.

Right now, no one knows why Rausch chose to drink before coming to his job.