Police, families call for better protection

After a string of violent attacks against police, Dallas officers say they feel like wearing a badge makes them a target.

So on Thursday, they brought out their families to talk about those fears and demand more protection.

Led by the Dallas Police Officers Association, only giving first names because of fear of retaliation, backers of the blue say the June attack on Dallas Police Department headquarters have left too many black eyes.

Jennifer, the wife of an officer, says hers may never heal.

“My husband was in a car that was shot up in front of headquarters and the weeks after that were very, very hard…adjusting back to normal life,” she said.

Paul, an officer's husband says how can families go back to feeling normal?

“It took two months before the city acted and installed enhanced security at the headquarters, and nothing has been done to protect the many substations around Dallas,” said Paul.  

Loved ones wants physical safety upgrades as well as body cameras for every officer.

“In the past few weeks, at least eight officers have been murdered,” said Vineka, the wife of an officer. “The reason? Because they wear the badge.”

Dallas police plans to outfit 200 officers with  the cams, but it still needs the money to equip the entire force.

It's a tool that families say could protect their officers from career-ending false rumors.

Families claim releasing an officer’s name immediately after a shooting makes them a target for criminals.

 “If you give them the name, why don't you just give them the keys to my house?” said Paul. “That's the way we feel.”

Payton, the daughter of an officer, says it’s not much to ask to not feel afraid anymore.

“My dad is still a hero and he’s dedicated to Dallas,” she said. “It’s time for city hall to show the same dedication to the officers who risk their lives.”  

The DPA sent a letter to Chief David Brown this week, asking the department to not release officers’ names after shootings for safety reasons.

FOX 4’s request to the chief to comment on our story was not answered.