Police chase, apprehend Seagoville robbery suspects

Two men accused of robbing an AT&T store were arrested in an apartment complex Thursday following a multi-city high-speed chase.

The robbery happened before 10 a.m. at the store on Highway 175 in Seagoville. Sources told FOX 4 the suspects stole cash and cellphones.

Police said they were able to locate them pretty quickly because one of the phones they stole had a tracking app on it.

Officers with the Seagoville Police Department and the Dallas Sheriff’s Office chased their white Crown Victoria through Mesquite and into Dallas.

One suspect reportedly jumped out of the car along Bruton Road and tried to get a ride from a passing motorist. Police apprehended him a short time later.

The suspect driving the Crown Victoria ended up crashing into a carport at the nearby Falls Apartments, he fled on foot and approached a man in a shopping center parking lot.

“As I'm backing out this guy comes up to me and he has blood on his face and blood on his arm. He's like hey give me a ride and I'm like ‘Whoa hold up now,’” said Steven Jones. “He just kept telling me I'll pay you big money, big money.”

Police weren’t far behind, though, and apprehended the driver.

Both suspects remain in custody and face charges of aggravated robbery.

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