Plumbers expect busy days ahead as frozen pipes begin to thaw

Many frozen pipe problems at homes are expected to reveal themselves Wednesday when the temperature finally gets above freezing.

Plumbers are expecting to have a busy Wednesday dealing with the broken pipes when the thawing starts. Some people might not even notice the issues until it has warmed up.

Bubba Ashton, with a#1 Air Electric and Plumbing has been in the business for 28 years and is spending some time this week on frozen pipe calls. He says sometimes people overlook simple steps that in turn cost them a fortune.

“One small burst in a pipe can cost thousands of dollars,” he explained.

Ashton says everyone in North Texas should be running water with just a slight trickle on the faucets in your house. It keeps the water flowing throughout the home.

“Because if it's sitting still, it's going to freeze, especially in this kind of weather,” he said. “But if there's a little trickle, you're fine. It will stay fine.”

If you aren't as lucky, Ashton recommends leaving cabinets open and letting it thaw naturally.

“About the only thing you can do is let is defrost itself, keep the heat on, turn the heat on in the house and open the cabinets,” he said.

Unless the burst pipe is leaking in a visible spot like in a front yard, you might not notice it until the freeze has thawed and the water still isn't working right. It's a problem families might be dealing with the next few days in North Texas in the prolonged cold snap that's catching Texans off guard.

“We will see some more,” Ashton said. “But right now, it’s time to take the precautions because it’s so cold.”

Ashton said taking the extra precautions can be the difference for folks in between paying a little more on your water bill and paying a lot on a hefty repair bill.