Plano man says girlfriend got cold feet in suicide pact

A Plano man claims that he and his dead girlfriend had a suicide pact, but that she got cold feet and he had to finish the job. Photos of the crime were later posted to her Facebook page.

Jennifer Streit-Spears was found stabbed to death Sunday morning. Her boyfriend Kenneth Amyx also appeared to have stab wounds, but police have since determined they were self-inflicted and he's now charged with her murder.

Amyx told police he and his girlfriend had a suicide pact. According to Amyx's account to police, he and his girlfriend of four months Jennifer Streit-spears had agreed at stab each other until they both died.

Police were called to Streit-Spears’ apartment Sunday after receiving a call from her concerned mother. Police arrived to find Amyx lying on top of Streit-Spears, both bloody and nude with two knives nearby.

Amyx told police Streit-Spears had "chickened out," becoming too weak after he cut her neck and they'd taken turns cutting each other. He told police he had to "finish her off."

Amyx had a cut to his neck that required stitches and superficial wounds to his wrist.

 “People will fabricate stories to help in their defense, whether or not his story is true, that's something we're still looking into,” said Plano Ofc. David Tilley, who said police were still examining if there was a suicide pact.

Police said Amyx admitted to being a fugitive. Warrants had been issued for his arrest out of Rockwall and Dallas counties -- one for continuous abuse of a child under the age of 14 and one for indecency with a child.

Amyx told police Streit-Spears knew he was wanted and they'd agreed to run off together, but then changed their minds.   

Franmarie Stamey does not believe that her friend, Streit-Spears, made a suicide pact.

"I don't think there is anything believable coming out of his mouth."

Stamey does not think Spears would knowingly date an admitted fugitive, either, but thinks she might have been more comfortable with him because the two knew each other from high school.

"We're all going to die eventually, but you don't expect somebody that sweet to have such a dramatic, early departure,” Stamey said.

Police said it remained unclear why Amyx chose to post graphic images of the murder to her Facebook page.