Plano boy attacked by classmate with pocketknife

A sixth grader says he was attacked by a fellow student at school with a knife.

A letter went home to all Carpenter Middle School students, notifying them that a student was stabbed before first period.

George Dennis, 11, says his friend was playing around and pushed him into a 13-year-old in the hallway.

“He got mad and then just stabbed me in the back,” said Dennis.

The family says the classmate created a small cut using a pocket knife.

“He could have been killed or anything,” said Denisha Bills, Dennis’ mom. “I could have gotten that call with him being killed in the hospital, so I'm thankful it wasn't that deep."

Dennis says he told his football coach, who sent him to the nurse. The coach also told the principal.

Plano police responded and arrested the 13-year-old student on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

The family believes safety and security is an issue at Carpenter.

“Nobody was around when he got stabbed,” said Dennis.

Plano police say school resource officers are only placed in high schools.

"That's dangerous for the students, I think,” said Dennis’ aunt, Makala Washington.

Washington used to be one for another nearby North Texas district and believes extra measures of protection are needed in middle school, too.

“They have all these emotions bottled up, and who knows how they're going to come out,” said Washington.

While the family was told the student isn't allowed at school, they believe it’s by no means a conclusion.

"It had me wondering if anyone else has a weapon or anything, like, pull out a gun at any moment,” said Dennis.