Pickpockets caught on cam stealing from woman's purse

Police are on the lookout for a pair of pickpockets who were caught on video stealing from a woman's purse at a popular Plano restaurant.

Surveillance video from the Blue Goose Cantina in Plano shows what happened to Bernie Gajeske Saturday night.

A man and woman walked in and sat down at a table close to Gajeske.

The man then carefully rearranged the chairs at the restaurant and took off his sport coat.

He pretended to look for something as he rummaged through a pocket or sleeve of the coat.

What he was really doing was stealing Gajeske’s wallet from her purse, which was hanging on the back of her chair.

“All my senses were there,” said Gajeske. “I had an iced tea! I was not inebriated in any way, which makes you realize how good the thieves are. They're good. Didn't bump my chair.”

The man handed the wallet under the table to the woman he was with, and they left.

Police are investigating whether the criminal couple has done this to other victims, possibly in other North Texas cities.

Another woman, Audrey Robertson, was waiting for her husband at the bar at Neighborhood Services restaurant in North Dallas when she, too became a victim.

“We went to close out our bar tab and his credit cards got declined and at the same moment, I started getting alerts for suspicious charges, and I reached into my purse to get my wallet to check and realized my wallet had been stolen,” said Robertson.

Restaurant surveillance video shows the ruse was the same: a man walks in, takes off his sport coat. He then moves behind a woman on her phone and appears to reach down, pulls his arm up and then leaves.

They were in and out in under a minute.

Within an hour, thieves attempted to charge $6,000 in merchandise and gift cards to Robertson's credit cards.

“I just hope at some point, they're held accountable for what they've done,” said Robertson. “I kind of feel sorry for them because they go home at the end of the day and they can't possibly feel good about telling their family or their friends what they've done.”