Phoenix woman claims she was not promoted at Chili's because of her sexuality and way she dressed

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A Phoenix woman says she was denied a promotion at Chili's because of her clothes and sexuality. Now, the ACLU is planning on taking action.

Meagan Hunter says she worked at a Chili's location on Metro Parkway in North Phoenix. After two years of hard work as a server, she applied for a promotion and attended a seminar to become a manager, but she claims she was denied that promotion, and was told this by her boss.

"I need you to dress more gender appropriate," said Hunter, recounting what her boss told her. "I said, 'are you telling me I have to have my breasts hanging out in order to be successful for your company?' Well, not in those words."

Hunter is a lesbian. She says she worked from 2016 to 2018, and really enjoyed her job, until she applied for a promotion.

"I feel like I was discriminated against and denied a promotion because of the way that I look, the way that I dress, and my sexual preference," said Hunter.

Hunter explains that she wore a men's button up shirt, slacks and shoes similar to what male managers at Chili's wear, and her boss essentially wanted her to wear more feminine clothes.

"I need you to dress more gender appropriate," said Hunter, who went on to say she resigned in response.

"Four hours later, I got a call from my general manager, saying that he hopes that what he said wasn't the reason I quit, and that he's really sorry and to please call him back and reconsider quitting," Hunter recounted.

Despite the apology, Hunter said she was still denied the promotion. Meanwhile, in a tweet, ACLU officials say they are "taking legal action against Chili's for forcing a lesbian server to quit because she didn't fit her boss' idea of what a woman should look like."

"My goal is to speak out for those who are afraid to speak out," said Hunter.

FOX 10 has reached out to chili's multiple times for comment, but we have yet to receive a response.