Pedestrian killed in Pleasant Grove street racing crash

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Two people are accused of street racing that resulted in the death of another man’s life.

The wreck happened Friday night near a church on Lake June Road in Pleasant Grove. After the victim was struck, one car careened into the church's parking lot and hit several other cars.

Witnesses say it could have been so much worse. In fact, the pastor of a nearby church is calling it a miracle that no one in his congregation was hurt.

The end of the crash was caught on security cameras as one of the racing cars, having just struck and killed a pedestrian, slammed into parked cars just before 10 p.m.

The parked cars were just outside Grace and Truth Apostolic Church at a time when normally service would have just ended.

Pastor Joel Pace said service ran long, or otherwise, the lot would have been filled with men, women and children.

"It was definitely a miracle that we were not dismissed and having people outside on the sidewalk and parking lot,” he said.

Dallas police arrested Robert Mendoza, 19, and Omar Tierrafria-Jimenez, 19, and charged them with racing on a highway, causing serious bodily injury.

Mendoza remains in jail while Tierrafria-Jimenez bonded out.

People who live and work along Lake June say street racing is common in the area, especially on weekends

The man who was killed was struck crossing the street near the laundry where Margerita Trejo Hernandez was working that night.  She called it the worst accident she had ever seen. The man's torso was severed.

Investigators mapped the crash scene and the path the car took that stretches for several hundred yards.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office says the victim was a 38-year-old man, but his identity is being withheld until his family can be found and notified.

The initial charge is a second degree felony that could be upgraded.