Paul Quinn College holds worship service for slain Dallas officer

The shooting that killed one Dallas police officer and critically wounded another is having a profound effect on people who never knew either of them.

A unique worship service was held Friday at Paul Quinn College to honor fallen Officer Rogelio Santander.

“Because all lives matter, everyone’s lives matter,” said student Carlton Austin.

The memorial service came from religious studies Prof. C. Dennis Williams after listening to students talk about how they felt about the shooting in class. Williams decided the last gathering for chapel this semester should focus on the fallen officer.

“Sometimes the police department is like God,” Williams said. “You never realize you need ‘em, until you need ‘em.”

They prayed for Santander's family and his police family. Some of the people praying on Friday have previously protested against the police.

Hugh Washington marched in the downtown Dallas July 7 demonstration against police excessive force and violence. He said what happened earlier this week is not acceptable.

“That doesn’t help anyone. He is a person and we need to basically show solidarity when it comes to families who have lost people like that,” Washington said.

New court records filed Tuesday indicate Armando Juarez was shooting at police officers during the late night chase that ended with an army of officers surrounding his truck.

His firing at officers brings more charges of aggravated assault on a public servant. His bond has doubled to more than $4 million.