Parkland Hospital gives hands-on training to college students

A program at Parkland Hospital is giving hands-on training in health care for community college students. It's called ‘Rise to Success.’

Brookhaven Community College student Ana Laureano's future in health care involves a lot of talking as a medical interpreter.

“We act as a shadow so we are not seen, so to speak,” she said. “We just act as the bridge of communication between The provider and the patient."

Axel Juarez is on his way to becoming a certified registered nurse for anesthesia.

“There's a lot of bright kids out here in Dallas County,” he said. “And a lot of them don't have the resources or just don't have the connections to go to college."

Laureano and Juarez are getting hands-on career training through the Parkland Health and Hospital System's Rise to Success Program. The opportunity covers the cost of community college, including books, transportation, daycare and a career coach. Once complete, the students will work for Parkland Hospital.

"The intent of the program is to bring young talent in and from there continue to develop them internally so they can grow into that position,” explained Program Director Gerard Camacho.

Ana knows how important her job is.

“You're explaining how much of this medication you're supposed to take,” Laureano said. “If you mess up, someone doubles the dose, that could be life-threatening."

Both students realize the training program is shaping their futures for the better.

“Parkland, they reached out to those areas, found us and made use of our talents,” Juarez said. “And we all love it here."