Palestine police release body cam video of officer-involved shooting

Police in Palestine, southeast of Dallas, have released the video taken by the body cameras on two of their officers who were involved in a fatal shooting.

The video is from the camera of Sgt. Gabriel Green approaching a suspect in a restaurant bathroom May 31.

He orders the man, 47-year-old James Bushey, to follow them out of the restaurant.

Bushey was suspected of stealing beer from a nearby store and hiding out in the restaurant.

Once out the door, Officer Kaylynn Griffin asks for Bushey's ID.

Instead, he draws what appears to be a handgun.

There is a brief struggle. Bushey gets loose, turns and then turns back to face the officers.

Bushey was shot and died of his wounds, despite officers performing CPR to try and save his life.

Police later determined the weapon that Bushey had was a BB gun designed to look like a 9mm handgun.

Last week, a grand jury determined that the use of deadly force was justified.

Both officers have returned to duty.