Pair of aggressive dogs roaming Plano neighborhood

At least two Plano residents have been bitten by a pair of loose dogs. In both cases, the victims were jogging when the attacks happened.

The dogs have been on the city's radar for the last six weeks. But catching them had continued to be a challenge.

Karen Gray is trying to make light of a serious situation.

A blue healer and a black and white unknown breed are roaming Plano neighborhoods.

“We believe that they were probably dumped and not from any of the areas they've been spotted in,” said Animal Services Director Jamey Cantrell.

The dogs were first spotted in Pitman Creek Estates back in early July when the blue healer bit a man.

A few weeks later, the blue healer bit a woman on the ankle.

Gray is one of dozens of residents monitoring the dog sightings on the neighborhood’s Nextdoor app.

"If they come on my property and are growling at me, I'm going to shoot them,” said Gray.

Animal control believes the dogs are roaming a nine-square-mile stretch of the city.

Gray wants the dogs caught before another resident is attacked.

"We have a lot of elderly that might take walks,” said Gray. “We got one lady who shuffles down the sidewalk here.”

Cantrell says his officers have responded to the dog sightings within 15 minutes of being called. By then, the dogs are gone.

"We just don't have nearly enough officers to be able to handle this type of situation where we could have someone be there within 2 or 3 minutes, like you'd expect with a 911 call,” explained Cantrell.

Plano police have responded too, but the dogs disappeared into a creek bed.

Gray says the ongoing threat has residents in fear for their safety.

The animal services director is urging folks who spot the dogs not to just post the information online, but to contact them immediately.  If the dogs are being aggressive, Plano police say you should call 9-1-1.