Our Calling working to get homeless people in Dallas out of the 'life-threatening' cold weather

Our Calling is working with the city of Dallas to get people experiencing homelessness off the streets and into the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, or hotels and shelters.

"So, I’ve been working with the homeless in downtown for over 20 years, and we have not had this kind of weather since the last time the Super Bowl was here," said Pastor Wayne Walker, with Our Calling.

Police officers across Dallas are offering to bring people without a home to the convention center because of the life-threatening weather conditions.

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Rick Schrage has been homeless in Dallas for five years. He slept outside Saturday night.

"I’m actually getting optimistic that I’m going to be getting inside soon," Schrage said. "I actually have a mattress and like three or four blankets and I was fairly warm. I woke up pleasant [Sunday] morning, but as soon as I grabbed myself from the blankets, I instantly got cold."

He’s going inside Sunday night.

"Individual citizens that are concerned are picking up a homeless guy and bringing him this way. This is the place to come," Walker added.

Denton has opened a 24-hour warming station.

The Denton Civic Center will open at noon Sunday for anyone who needs shelter from the cold.

That could be stranded drivers, people without power, or those experiencing homelessness.

The decision to open comes after Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statewide disaster declaration.

Water, food, and cots will be available.

COVID-19 protocols will be in place.