Organizations from across the country helping North Texans in need after last week's winter storm

North Texans are dealing with a lot right now.

First, it was fallout from the pandemic, and now it's last week's winter storm that has left many people without food and water.

Organizations are stepping up to fill the growing need, and help is rolling in from all over.

"We had a big 18-wheeler come in that was full of water," one person said.

Missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints traveled to Colleyville from Utah Thursday to hand out pallets of bottled water after last week's winter storm left many Texans without.

"It's been a really great experience to look for those service opportunities, but also witness the service from everyone in the community," Sister Elle Kilgore said.

Non-profits, like Pantry for Grace, are grateful for the help, and the Tarrant Area Food Bank hasn't slowed down its massive operation. 

People lined up for a special distribution event Thursday at Globe Life Field in Arlington.

"I was with no electricity for four days when all that stuff came right there," Israel Garza recalled. "After that, my plumbing went busted and all that. We need help. We need help.

Volunteers handed out plenty of food and water.

Everyone in line was impacted by the winter storm and in desperate need of help.

"I had a flood, two floods, and I'm hoping I don't have another one. Right now I've got the water shut off," Brenda Stewart                said. "I could always use the food as well, but largely the water for me."

"We were without water for about a day and a half, two days," Keyona Jones-Murphy said. "It was crazy and now we're down to the end, and we have, you know, some frozen items and things. For now, we're going to wait it out."

Jones-Murphy was celebrating her five-year anniversary Thursday.

It’s not how she thought she'd spent it.

Her husband is at home dealing with the damage, and she was in line getting food for her family of six.

The Jesus Christ Church of Latter-day Saints plans to hand out food to charities in need at another event set for Friday.