One of 3 Dallas murder suspects admits to role in additional crime

One of three suspects in a deadly carjacking confessed to FOX 4 News that a man the three killed outside his home wasn't the only victim of their crime spree.

Sonia Quiles, 20, talked to FOX 4’s James Rose on Wednesday from the Lew Sterrett jail.

She and two young men are all charged with capital murder for a deadly June 30 carjacking in Dallas.

Quiles she says she wanted to talk to say she was sorry for her role in the capital murder, saying she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But she also took the opportunity to point fingers. 

"I didn't have anything to do with it,” said Quiles. “I didn't know it was going to go down like that.”

Quiles says Jason Womack, the father of her 2-year-old son, and 17-year-old Dequairius Bailey were out drinking and smoking pot in her car just after midnight on June 30.

She claims Womack was driving.   

Police believe the trio was on a violent crime spree that lead to the murder of 54-year-old Frank Massington, Jr. as he pulled into his driveway on Mundy Drive in east Oak Cliff. 

"Do you know who the murder victim is?” Rose asked her.

“No,” said Quiles.

Quiles appeared emotionless throughout much of the interview.

"Were you guys on a crime spree?” Rose asked.

“No,” said Quiles.

When Rose told Quiles that Bailey put the blame on her and Womack and said they were out looking to rob people, Quiles became a little more talkative.     

"How angry are you at Bailey?" asked Rose.

"I'm mad he shot them people for no reason and he's trying to blame it on me and Jason,” said Quiles.

"You said he shot those people. Who else did he shoot?" said Rose.

Then she said the trio shot and wounded a woman during a robbery just before Massington's death.

"So, you had to know what happened?” said Rose.

"He didn't speak about it,” said Quiles.

"But you knew it was a carjacking?" said Rose.

“Yeah,” said Quiles.

"When was that?" said Rose.

"The same night,” said Quiles. "It wasn't that far away."

"And was it just like minutes earlier?" said Rose.

"Probably so,” said Quiles.

"Eventually, somebody is going to tell the truth,” Massington’s mother, Carrie Ward, told FOX 4 on Wednesday. “Nobody, I feel like nobody want to take the blame but I feel like all of them was involved."

Ward says she forgives them but said, "I want them to be punished.”

"How?" asked Rose.

"Quite few years in jail, prison or whatever you call it, but I do not want ‘em to take they life, although I am not the judge or the jury because whatever they do to them it is not going to bring JR back,” said Ward.

Massington leaves behind two children and five grandchildren.

Dallas police are still working evidence linking the trio to at least three crimes that night and are interested in reviewing Quiles’ interview from Wednesday with FOX 4.