One dead after Dallas officer-involved shooting near Fair Park

A suspect killed by Dallas police was tased twice and fought with officers before he was shot in a Fair Park-area neighborhood on Thursday afternoon.

No officers were hurt in the officer-involved shooting, which happened about 1:30 p.m. in the 3600 block of Penelope Street.

The original call to police was about a robbery in progress at a residence. Sources tell FOX4 the home was a trap house or drug house. Subsequent calls were about a fire at the same home, with callers indicating the man had set the fire.

When police arrived they spotted the suspect in a vacant lot near the home and officers approached to try and identify the man. A struggle then ensured after the suspect was asked to show his hands and the man fled and tried to get into a car.

A Taser was deployed two different times by two different officers, but the Taser prongs were ripped out by the suspect.

The struggle continued as the man got into the vehicle, and that’s when an officer fired his gun. The suspect was taken to a local hospital but died.

Police said the suspect had a box cutter on him.

The suspect and the officer involved will not be named until the family of the deceased is notified.

Police said the suspect had an extensive history of violent crime and drug possession.

The officer who fired the gun is on administrative leave, which is common procedure, during the investigation.


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