One arrested in North Richland Hills drive-by shooting that injured 8-year-old

One person is under arrest in connection with a drive-by shooting that injured an 8-year-old in North Richland Hills earlier this month.

Ethan Nordyke, 18, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with serious bodily injury for the shooting on December 7.

Angie Resendiz was lying on the couch inside her family's home on Jerrell Street when a bullet went through the window and grazed her neck.

Resendiz was treated at the hospital and is expected to be okay.

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FOX 4 spoke with Resendiz’s sister, Alondra, in the family’s room the day after the shooting.

"The shot actually did go through the window and this is where my little sister was like laying down," she said.

She said the little girl was on the couch with her uncle when a bullet went through the window and grazed her neck.

"It was a blessing that she was not more seriously injured, it truly was a blessing," said Carissa Katekaru, with North Richland Hills PD.

One of the neighbors FOX 4 spoke to off camera said he believes the Resendiz house was mistaken for another.

The family said at the time that they were shaken and no longer staying at their home.

One of the family members said the family is in the process of moving out of their home, adding that the 8-year-old victim is doing much better.

Police are still working towards giving the family some sense of closure.

"What led us up to this point was some good investigative work, and it’ll take some more good investigative work to get us those answers that we look for on the why and if there was anyone else involved," Katekaru said.

Katekaru said Nordyke was arrested on December 20 by Watauga PD on an unrelated marijuana charge.

North Richland Hills police added the aggravated assault charge the same day.

North Richland Hills police say that the investigation into the shooting is ongoing, adding they can’t give specifics on how they connected Nordyke to the shooting.

"I know there was a culmination of different techniques used. Obviously, we look at digital evidence too," Katekaru explained. "A lot of people have Ring doorbell cameras, but at this point, I’m not sure how much each of those played a factor into the investigation in leading us up to this point."

Investigators have also not commented on a possible motive or any possible connection between Nordyke and the Resendiz family.

"Since the case is still open, we can’t go into a lot of the details because they’re still working on any additional leads and kind of piecing together all of that information to learn the why," Katekaru added.

Nordyke was also charged with deadly conduct in connection to an incident on Dec. 12 in Fort Worth, though no further details were released about that case.

He is in the Tarrant County Jail.