On Your Side: 5 Miles App

A Dallas company wants you to cash out on your clutter. Unlike other platforms that buy and sell, this one helps you find deals down the street.

Krystan Tyre still remembers her first time she tried the 5 Miles app. Today she spends a lot of time on it buying and selling and banking big bucks.

“I think I’ve calculated a couple of thousand so far,” she said.

General Manager Rick Cantu said the company’s slogan is “Buy what you want. Sell what you’ve got.”

He said there’s an excess of inventory in every house right now just waiting to be turned into cash.

“The average household has about $7,000 worth of stuff,” Cantu said.

Unlike other selling platforms, 5 Miles aims to connect neighbors through commerce. Users can set whatever distance they’d like, but closer is often more convenient and that’s good for business.

“If you remove all obstacles and you find a great deal that’s close to you, you’re more likely to make that transaction and buy that item,” Cantu said.

There’s no payment portal. The app is just a place to list and negotiate.

Each item on the app is reviewed by a human and uploading is quick and free.

That means users like Tyre are making money. The folks at 5 Miles are now.

“We don’t make money today,” Cantu said.

The company is privately funded with plans to monetize in the future. For now it’s all about building a user base for Dallas-based business.

Sellers can dream big and cash out on their clutter.

LINK: 5milesapp.com