Officers rescue sleeping Haltom City woman from burning home

Police came to the rescue of a woman who was sound asleep inside a burning Haltom City home.

That woman, Mina Harrington, vaguely remembers the banging noise on the window at her home that woke her.

"I'm a deep sleeper, and so, yes, I was surprised that I even, like, I heard anything,” she said.

The rescuers were two police officers who arrived at the house fire just moments before firefighters.

Officers Sandy Binneker, a rookie, and 15-year veteran Joe Earney braved coming dangerously close to the flames without any protective gear.

"I feel very grateful, thankful, and grateful to be alive if it wasn’t for them, because otherwise, I would still be in there,” said Harrington.

The officers' quick action was just after family members who had already escaped the fire told them there was someone else inside.

Harrington says her family tried beating on the window at first, but couldn't wake her up.