Officer gets award, gift for saving girl's life

The police officer who saved a choking baby in Rowlett accepted a life-saving award from the city at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Officer Patrick Ray's body cam captured the desperate moments to save the little girl, named Bexley, who was choking on a penny.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Bexley’s family surprised the officer with a token of their gratitude.

Bexley’s mom, Tammy Norvell, saved the coin, cleaned it up and had it made into a keychain. Tammy presented it to Officer Ray at the meeting.

Officer Ray wasn’t eager to say a lot at the meeting, but he did seem to get a kick out of his gift.

“I'm going to put it on my keys and I'm going to carry it everywhere I go,” said Ray. “I like it. It's very nice. It's a nice gesture for me.” 

Bexley is doing very well. 

Officer Ray's family was also at the meeting, including his wife and two young sons.

He says that he kept thinking about his own kids when Bexley was choking.