Officer fired for excessive force gets job back

A Dallas police officer who was fired during an excessive force investigation won his appeal with the department and got his job back.

The Dallas Fraternal Order of Police, the union that the officer, Jesus Martinez, belonged to, says he was reinstated.

Martinez was accused of using excessive force on a panhandler in Deep Ellum in June, 2014.

A grand jury saw cell phone video of the arrest and other evidence, but did not indict Martinez.

Many business owners in Deep Ellum showed support for Martinez throughout the investigation, and supporters say the video didn’t tell the whole story.

The Dallas Fraternal Order of Police say even though the 31-year-old's uniform was torn during a scuffle with the panhandler before the recording, the union claims that Martinez was fired because the video was perceived badly.

“Thank God that there was some people that were objective and unbiased,” said Richard Todd with the Dallas Fraternal Order of Police. “They looked at all the facts and all the evidence and they reinstated Jesus Martinez.”

After a nearly a year of uncertainty and financial struggle, friends of Officer Martinez say that he's elated and relieved with Wednesday’s decision.

The process wasn't easy, but supporters say they never lost hope.

The panhandler's attorney disagrees with the decision and maintains his claim that Martinez used excessive force.

The union that represents the officer says he'll get full back pay since his firing.