NTSB investigating Saturday plane crash at Addison Airport

Two people are in the hospital after a small plane crashed in Addison.

It happened right after takeoff just before 5pm Saturday, still on airport property. Investigators say a single-engine Piper Sport with two people on board crashed nose first at the end of the runway at the Addison Airport.

“All of a sudden I looked up and he was nose diving at about 1,250 feet. Crashed right into the ground. I thought it sounded like an automobile accident but I rushed over there and the plane was down," said a witness.

The FAA says the sportcruiser had just departed southbound when the pilot attempted to turn around and land on the runway in the opposite direction, and crashed.

One person was flown to the hospital by helicopter. The other taken by ambulance. Student pilot Nicolas Gallo says his flight instructor told him it was another flight instructor and student pilot at another school who crashed and it was the student's first flight. That is not confirmed by authorities.

"I often fly. Almost every day. And now I'm kind of nervous since I'm seeing that this can happen why can't it happen to me so I'm pretty afraid of that," said Gallo.

Pilot Mark Humphreys was inbound to Addison from Florida when he was diverted to land at Love Field because the airport shut down for several hours.

"This is not good. These guys got hurt bad," he said.

As a pilot, himself, he's concerned that the pilot who crashed tried to make a turn while having trouble, rather than land on a straightaway.

"Keep flying forward and find a place to land in front of you. That's going to be difficult because you're out of runway,” said Humphreys

FAA investigators made their way to the scene Saturday and the airport has since reopened.

The NTSB is leading the investigation.