Northwest Dallas apartment residents feel left out from help for tornado recovery

People at a Northwest Dallas apartment complex say they’re barely getting by since Sunday's EF-3 tornado. They say there’s been little help getting back on their feet.

To complicate matters, residents of the Southwind Apartments say the building was recently sold and is transitioning to a new management company. Residents say they’ve been stuck in the middle.

A box of clothes was dropped off on Wednesday by a stranger from an Irving church. Grateful residents say it’s some of the little help they’ve received since Sunday’s tornado.

“It’s been pretty horrible because a lot of us don’t have a lot of money. We are barely making it,” said Andres Ortiz, a tornado victim. “They changed the locks, and they boarded up the windows.”

Some can’t get back in to gather their belongings. They are caught between management companies after the building was recently sold.

Alexis Waldrep says he and his three kids slept in their townhouse with the roof peeled off and then went to a shelter. Now, he’s not sure what's next.

“I was expecting for them to step up and put us in a place and help us out,” he said.

The new management company says it’s working to get on-site security, mobilize contractors and help with temporary housing.

The previous owner is offering new leases at other properties, waiving an additional deposit, application fee and rent until December 1.

“We had a three-room apartment here,” sad tornado victim Jesus Guzman. “We really can’t fit there.”

“There’s been no politicians, no one from the city from the state, no one to offer any kind of assistance to these poor people,” said community activist Carlos Quintanilla. “They have been completely abandoned, and that’s shameful.”

While FOX 4 cameras were there on Wednesday, the Red Cross showed up for the first time.

Ortiz says he appreciates the compassion, but he just wishes it came sooner.

“Instead of standing out here like dogs waiting for a handout,” he said.

The former owner and new management company say they’re collecting items to give to the families to help tide them over.

FOX 4 reached out Dallas City Councilman Omar Narvaez, who represents District 6. However, we have not gotten a response.

Quintanilla says residents are weighing their options and considering legal action.